Hello, Make Book Jacket

Where have you been hiding out? Somehow I missed you, most amazing InDesign plug-in. Well, It’s nice to meet you finally, Make Book Jacket. You’re awesome.

Measuring out a book jacket, case wrap, or paperback isn’t difficult. Still, adding all the horizontal measurements, placing guides, crops, and bleed marks takes a little time and there is room for error, particularly if you don’t have a template.

Jackets = flaps + flap turnaround + back cover (book trim plus .25”) + spine + front cover (book trim + .25”) + flap turnaround + front flap

Case wraps = back cover (book trim plus .25”) + spine + front cover (book trim + .25”)

Paperback Covers = back cover (book trim) + spine + front cover (book trim)

If building cover files seems overwhelming or you are a seasoned book designer needing any time saver you can get, Make Book Jacket does it all for you. It seamlessly integrates with InDesign, creates handy previewing options in the layer palette, and adds the specs in the slug for reference. Plus, if you have a spine size change late in the game, Make Book Jacket simplifies the necessary adjustments.